Alexander County GOP ExCom Resolves Support for Chairman

RESOLUTION – Due Process for NCGOP Chairman

WHEREAS, Hasan Harnett was duly elected by the rank and file members of the North Carolina Republican Party at the 2015 State Convention; and

WHEREAS, Hasan Harnett continues to serve the State GOP with a special regard for the concerns and Opinions of the grass roots activists of the party; and

WHEREAS, by the State GOP Plan of Organization, Hasan Harnett’s term of elected office extends until The State GOP convention of 2017; and

WHEREAS, no criminal or civil charges have preferred against Hasan Harnett for any alleged Malfeasance he may have committed in his capacity as NCGOP Chairman; and

BE IT RESOLVED by the Alexander County Republican Party that Hasan Harnett is to be sustained as the NCGOP Chairman with the full powers and authority as prescribed by the Plan of Organization until any criminal or civil charges for any misconduct are proven against Chairman Hasan Harnett and whereas that Chairman Hasan Harnett will work in full cooperation with the Executive Committee and NCGOP Central Committee members to resolve all issues.

WHEREAS, all focus be turned to defeating Democrats in the fall, instead of fighting among fellow members of the Republican Party.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED; that the NCGOP Central Committee is directed to work collaboratively with The Chairman in a positive and productive manner, to afford the Chairman all the rights, privileges And courtesies associated with the position of NCGOP Chairman.

Darrell Seaford
ACRP Chairman

Passed on Tuesday April 26, 2016 by the Alexander County Republican Party Executive Committee.

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