Another NC Republican Speaks Out

By Jessica Hult

Dear Everyone,

I am a delegate from Carteret County and have been fairly active for nearly 10 years now. I do consider myself a “grassroots” activist and have a record of consistency. Whether you agree with the causes I stand for or not, my Christian constitutional conservative stands are consistent. I can often be seen accompanied by uniformed Boy Scouts at various events & conventions. I am passionate about educating our young folk about Citizenship and being Conservative.

I have watched this very public character assassination of our current GOP Chairman Hasan Harnett with heartbreak and disgust. And to think- it all comes down to the affidavit of one highly suspect & admitted hacker.

My own experiences with Mr. Ken Robol: I first met Ken Robol over 3 years ago at a 3rd CD excom meeting (I’m not a member, but I try to attend when possible). In April 2013, Ken approached me about our family business website. Ken was forceful, pushy and came across very much as a “used car salesman”. In fact, Ken Robol mentioned having a very large workforce in the form of students at PCC. My husband politely declined to do any business with him. Would you all like me to sign an affidavit of my experiences with Mr. Robol? I’d be happy to. It is because of my own experiences with Ken that I attended the protest at Pitt Community College and signed a letter asking for an investigation by PCC earlier this month.

I’ve remained mostly silent on this matter, even after receiving third hand a hateful letter written by Harvey West in which he calls me out by name as being a “confederate” without the courtesy of cc’ing me in the mass email. But no longer. Confederates fought for state’s rights & smaller federal government. I am proud to be listed with the “confederate” grassroots patriots of NC.

Republicans For Ethics and Transparency has revealed Ken Robol’s desire for the TRUTH to be known. Attached below my signature are copies of the IM’s between Ken Robol and RFET Todd Bennett. Please see for yourselves. These show, at the very least, Mr. Robol’s SWORN affidavit is not completely truthful.

The Central Committee needs to re-evaluate their position on Chairman Harnett, I believe that much is obvious from both the texts below my signature and the vast amount of information available at a variety of online resources, including but not limited to

Our priority ought to be winning elections this coming November, not eating our own.

Moving forward with principle and integrity will not be easy. I am strongly encouraging an independent external investigation to uncover the truth, no matter how ugly, behind all this. Moving forward with integrity & principle may require the resignation of those actively involved in the acquisition of Mr. Robol’s sworn affidavit. Moving forward with integrity and principle will also require public apologies from both sides and a loud commitment to work together through the remainder of Chairman Harnett’s rightfully elected term. Please. For the love of NC and all that is good & decent, let’s show the state and the country that the NC GOP can act with grace, dignity, and integrity.

I look forward to seeing you all in May. Thank you for this moment of your precious time.

Jessica wasn’t finished, and had more to say:

Howdy again to you all. I’m hoping this finds each of you doing well. I do not wish anyone any ill will here. I have heard back from several of ya’ll since my previous correspondence and it’s interesting that there is indeed a couple of common themes in ya’ll problem with Chairman Hasan Harnett. And since they were common, I thought I’d go ahead and address them so it is clear to everybody. I’ve read the 4 emails Mr. Vidales forwarded me btw. Please allow me to set the stage:

The moment Hasan Harnett was elected rumors were spread that party big-wigs were on their phones calling donors & directing them to send donations to (some newly formed) PACS. Whether those rumors are true or not, I do not know. What I do know is that it -the rumors- set the stage for mistrust on day one. What has happened here is the appearance of those in power positions (NC GOP Central Committee and others of course) trying to set Hasan up for failure.

I understand Hasan ran for a position & ya’ll fully expected him to take the reins & run with it. But I’d like to ask each of you– where were you the very first time you thought Hasan might need a hand? Since that first night when Hasan was elected, how many of ya’ll have stepped forward & reached out to Hasan as a friend? How many of you have invited him out to lunch or dinner & offered friendship and trust? I’m asking in genuine curiosity, not snarkiness. In Boy Scouts we implement the EDGE training system. Educate, Demonstrate, Guide, and Enable. How many of ya’ll offered to guide him in a friendly sorta way? I’m asking cuz clearly ya’ll were not happy with his performance. Knowing about the rumors & being set up to fail, what the heck do ya’ll expect from Hasan?

Then for the CC to deliberately raise convention fees – after knowing well Hasan ran on the promise to do the exact opposite, well. It seems from keeping up with things from waaay over here on the coast, that ya’ll have been trying desperately to keep Hasan Harnett from being any sort of success. To be actively worked against since day one, is how it appears from here. Put yourself in Hasan’s shoes.

Now regarding the race issue. I have two things to say– It’s BEYOND shameful that the NC GOP CC despises their grassroots factions so dadgum much that they will completely blow the beautiful opportunity for minority outreach that Hasan, by gift of God, so naturally provides.

Number two- If anyone, including Hasan Harnett, is at all familiar AND honest about this history between the NC GOP & the late Timothy Johnson, they might understand just a little bit about why Hasan might have originally in the beginning thought this might have been about ethnicity. One sentence. And you’re gonna hang him? Again, that is how it would appear from waaay over here.

Ethical behavior, grace and dignity are foreign concepts it would seem. And before anyone responds otherwise– it was not us (Hasan supporters) that posted Mr. Rufty’s fictitious police records on some *anonymous* politico website. Which one of you didn’t do something stupid when you were a youth anyways? Casting stones is what it’s called.

We (Hasan supporters) could have easily brought forth Harvey West’s well known public record. Come to think of it– All you really have on Hasan Harnett is the VERY suspect word of an admitted hacker and a convicted child molester. That and a few seemingly personal grudges. Way to go ya’ll.

To continue with this April 30th CC meeting would be highly unethical. Eat yer own (while he’s out of town of course). The reasons behind this travesty are nasty & far bigger than most realize. Truth and Justice will prevail. However, we will lose this November as a DIRECT RESULT of the NC-GOP Central Committee continuing down this road. We will lose nearly everything at a state level due to this insistence to place your chosen Rubio/Romney/Ryan candidate in Hasan’s place at the RNC. The truth is coming out; ya’lls veneer is wearing yet thinner.

Yours in Service,

Jessie Jane Jessica Hult

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