Chairman Thanks Supporters

By Hasan Harnett
I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge each and every person that stood by, defended and supported me as the NC GOP State Chairman during a most interesting but tumultuous time. Your time, energy, treasure and overall support, are appreciated beyond measure.
It can be hard to believe that a 747 can fly based on size and weight. Although gravity is a strong force that pulls everything down toward the earth, remember, the law of lift is a superior force used to overcome the force of gravity to achieve flight. Lift occurs if the force on the bottom of an object is greater than the force of gravity from above.
You are powerful; continue to lift each other up and break free from the gravitational pull. Be the powerful engines that you have proven to be, employ aerodynamics to lift your 747 plane 35,000 feet above the earth’s atmosphere and move with escape velocity.
I am in the process of reviewing all options for next steps and will communicate my plans soon.
With love and gratitude, we THANK YOU!
Hasan and Family

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