Chairmain Harnett: See you in Greensboro!

By Paul Yeager

I spoke with Chairman Harnett a short time ago while he was at his daughter’s soccer game.  There are a few thoughts he wanted me to share with all of you.

First of all, Chairman Harnett is looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the NCGOP State Convention in Greensboro this weekend.  Yes, he will be there!

Chairman Harnett urges all of us to not give up, and stay engaged.  If you have canceled plans to attend the convention, please reconsider.  If you are thinking of changing your party affiliation, please do not do so.  When we give up, the forces we have been fighting against win.  Do we want that, or do we want a party that represents ALL of the Republicans in the Tarheel State?

Stay engaged, and help Chairman Harnett build the NCGOP that we deserve to have.

Let’s connect, in Greensboro and elsewhere, and continue to work together to make NCGOP great!

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