Chairman: Eyes On The Prize!

by Hasan Harnett


Dear North Carolina Republicans:

In view of the many distractions that exist, we must remember to keep our “eyes on the prize” and remember the primary reason we are here – to keep Republicans in office and get Republicans elected.

Republicans can be justifiably proud of progress made in North Carolina since our party took control of the Legislature and many offices of the Council of State in recent elections. We must not allow that good work to be undone, and must continue to build on that.

We also must resist the temptation to let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Perhaps your favored candidate did not win the primary, or the winner has in the past done something that offended you. Please do not let that cause you to aid the opposition by your silence or lack of positive action.

Let’s all get out there and do what each of us can to elect and re-elect Republicans in the Great State of North Carolina!  We must each do all we can to support Republican candidates in our cities, counties, districts as well as statewide offices.

Links to a list of contact information for our candidates for statewide office is below.

Best regards,

Hasan Harnett

Statewide GOP Candidates (pdf)

Statewide GOP Candidates (xls)

Statewide GOP Candidates (xlsx)

Statewide GOP Candidates (html)



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