Parliamentarian Challenges NCGOP April 30 Meeting

Executive Committee Members of the NCGOP

Dorothea Scott Alderfer
Senior Parliamentary Advisor
Buncombe County GOP

Called meeting of the NCGOP Executive Committee
April 30, 2016  10 A.M.  Raleigh, NC

DATE:         April 16, 2016

I question the validity of this meeting for the following reasons:

1.     The Chairman against whom charges have been made cannot be present to defend himself as he will be out of the country.  Prior notice of this out-of-the country commitment was given by the Chairman January, 2016.

2.  Prior notice of this meeting to Chairman Harnett by registered mail has not been received in a timely manner as is required.

I question the proposed Agenda.

I can find nowhere in the NCOP Plan of Organization where the Executive Committee has the authority to either appoint or elect the NCGOP Party Chairman.

Therefore, I recommend that this meeting be cancelled.

A former broadcaster, Dorothea Scott Alderfer has owned and managed radio stations in North and South Carolina. Dorothea has served as Parliamentarian to nine Buncombe County GOP chairmen, District Convention Parliamentarian several times, Delegate to National GOP Convention in San Diego, CA, Precinct Chair, Precinct Judge, Area Coordinator, and BCGOP Treasurer for 4 years.

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