Message to NC Republicans

Dear Republican,

I hate that this internal conflict has boiled over and gone public. I have tried for many weeks to get this resolved privately. My name and reputation have been attacked. I am a volunteer Chairman. I sacrifice my time, honor, and fortune for this party. I want nothing more than it to grow and be a successful organization.

I have been met with opposition from the day I was elected. People have been scheming and working against me, but I am not going to sit down and shut up. The establishment wants to limit involvement in our party and shut out the grassroots so it is easier to control.

The current defamation of my character started with a dispute over who ptxhas authority under the Plan of Organization to set the delegate fees. The Plan of Organization authorizes me to call the convention. A reasonable person would assume a call to any meeting includes time, location, and cost. My call to the convention did just that.

As a candidate for state chairman, I pledged to lower and eliminate the business session delegate fees. I am a man of my word, and I will fight for ALL Republicans no matter if they are rich or poor. In an effort to make me a liar, the Central Committee tried to raise the fee from $75 to $90. The Central Committee made a “recommendation” for the fee to be $90. All Central Committee meetings are recorded for secretarial purposes. I ask that the discussion over the $90 “recommendation” be released to the Executive Committee so that they can hear the truth for themselves. It was a recommendation. They do not have the authority to set the fees and have never in our party history set the fees.

After I called the convention, Dallas Woodhouse the Executive Director without any authority to do so kicked me out of the databases, website, and my own email. That is when things went public. I tried for many days to resolve these disputes internally, but Woodhouse refused. After being shut out of the databases, website, and my own email, Vice Chairwoman Michele Nix and I were contacted by Ken Robol the website coordinator for the 3rd district NC GOP telling us that he can “hack” into the website. As shown in the attached PowerPoint, I did not solicit the hacking of the NC GOP website, and I never ordered anyone to hack into the website.

After text message conversations (see screenshots) with Ken Robol, Robol immediately went to Tom Stark NC GOP General Counsel to make a statement saying I ordered him to hack the NC GOP website. Ironically, the organizer of the Central Committee meeting to censure me was Kim Cotten West, the 3rd district Chairwoman, the same district where Ken Robol resides.

I repeat, I never solicited nor ordered the website to be hacked.

All of the emails, screenshots of conversations, and details are listed in the attached PowerPoint.

I hope that we can move past this. I pray for Dallas Woodhouse and the Central Committee. Even with the extreme untrue allegations against me, I still believe we are all on the same team. The truth must be released, and the public can decide for themselves.

Hasan Harnett

Attached PowerPoint Presentation (in PDF format)

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5 thoughts on “Message to NC Republicans”

  1. Thank you Chairman Harnett! Thank you for clearly exposing, among other things, that Dallas Woodhouse is a liar, the Cent Com mtg when they called to censure you was illegal and proof that some members of the Cent Com conspired to illegally remove you as Chair. Every NC Republican now has evidence that Dallas Woodhouse is corrupt. No one can pretend to be neutral in this conflict.

  2. Oh my! I would never have believed people would go through such extreme and underhanded methods get rid of someone! Power does corrupt and this just proves it. What are they trying to hold on to? They’re squeezing so tight on to the party, it’s sliding right through their fingers.

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