Chairman Harnett’s Statement to WCQS

Hasan Harnett e-mailed WCQS the following statement:

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – As Chairman, my vision stands for a bolder, energetic and reinvigorated North Carolina Republican Party. That is why I ran and became the elected Chairman back on June 5th, 2015.

Since then, your Republican Chairman has worked consistently in the vast areas of fundraising and helping Republican Candidates get elected. Your Republican Chairman has met with county parties and elected officials inside and outside the state. Despite having a full inbox from time-to-time, your Republican Chairman takes the time to answer your questions, find solutions and call you back.

Your Republican Chairman is not perfect; however, he is a hardworking leader.  He is also a devoted Christian; a sincere and honest fellow. Even though some of the Republican Anonymous may disagree with the vision God has given your Republican Chairman, he remains steadfast in serving the full North Carolina Republican electorate and the greater Republican community despite no access to my NC GOP emails and resources.

With this in mind, many of you will say “Why are Republicans warring with each other during a presidential year?” Some of you will say “Who likes to see Republicans brought up on bogus charges?”  Others will say “Who likes to see Republicans eating their own?” Your Republican Chairman does not, and likewise, you should not either.

Nobody in our party likes to see fellow Republicans, including your Republican Chairman, brutally assaulted, kicked in the mouth, and gagged by unfounded truths. Most of you will say “No volunteer in our party should be treated like this.”

Your Chairman stands against and denies all allegations of hiring a hacker. Even though the Republican Anonymous may continue to mount their fiery darts, your Republican Chairman will continue to pray, “In the name of the Lord Almighty and Jesus Christ, STOP.”  You are only hurting all of our chances of winning in November. For these reasons, your State Chairman is still willing to push all these matters aside for the greater good of the party. Your State Chairman and duly elected officer calls for unity for ALL Republicans in North Carolina.

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