Another County GOP Unanimously Resolves Support for Chairman Harnett

The Granville County Republican Party unanimously passed the following resolution at their meeting on April 21, 2016:



Whereas, the Granville County Republican Party delegation did join with other grassroots conservatives to elect Hasan Harnett as Chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party in June 2015, and;

Whereas, we have observed continual resistance and antipathy from the NCGOP Central Committee, the General Assembly Republican Caucuses, and the Office of the Governor to the installation, tenure, and strategic goals of Chairman Harnett, and;

Whereas, the Central Committee has called for a meeting to remove Chairman Harnett from office at a time when the Chairman’s calendar revealed months in advance that he could not be present to defend, and;

Whereas, that time and date set by the Central Committee is established only days before the North Carolina Republican Party commences its annual convention, where it would be more appropriate to present the Central Committee’s case before the full governing body of the North Carolina Republican Party, and;

Whereas, we regard the case for removal of Chairman Harnett from office to have the appearance of being contrived, politically motivated, and based on highly questionable evidence, and likely to inflict significant harm to the North Carolina Republican Party,

The Granville County Republican Party does hereby declare its full support for Chairman Harnett until presented with a reasonable preponderance of evidence that such grounds for removal exists, we reject as inappropriate for reasons of scheduling and possible parliamentary procedural error, the called State Executive Committee meeting on 30 April 2016 to consider the case for the Chairman’s removal, and we call upon the Central Committee to cancel the called meeting and present its case, if it has one, to the full assembly of delegates at the 2016 North Carolina Republican Party for their consideration and disposal.

Signed this 21st day of April, 2016 by the Granville County Republican Executive Committee, Precinct Officers and Party Members.

The above resolution is available in PDF form here.

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