Is NCGOP Central Committee “Reconciliation” Genuine?

By Lisa Baldwin

Dear Hasan,

Please do not fall for the Central Committee tactics of “reconciliation”. In fact, the Central Committee has stepped up their campaign against you.

On Saturday, April 16th, 10th District Chairman and Central Committee member, Ted Alexander, used his Chairman’s speech to disparage you in front of the convention delegates.

You must encourage your supporters to plan to attend the April 30th meeting in case the proposed agreement is not reached. Efforts to support you on facebook and social media must continue until the agreement is signed by both parties. I am afraid the Central Committee is using this “agreement” to keep your supporters from attending on April 30th.

God bless,
Lisa Baldwin

Lisa Baldwin is a former school board member in Buncombe County, the state’s 11th largest school district. Baldwin serves as an at-large member of the 10th district NCGOP executive committee and vice-president of the Buncombe County Republican Women’s Club. She is an economist, MENSA member and conservative columnist for The Tribune Papers.

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