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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I register?

There is no requirement to register to view content on this site.  However, registration is required if you wish to post a comment on one of posts.  Also, registration is a good way to show support for the Chairman, as each registration on the site can be viewed as a sign of support.

Why didn’t my comment appear?

To keep the content conformant with the Chairman’s high standards of conduct, first time posts are moderated.  In other words, your comment may not appear until it has been approved.

How do I make a photo appear on my profile and alongside my comments?

Short answer: set up a Gravatar account and associate an image with the email you used to register for this site.

Long answer: This site uses Gravatar to manage user images.  If you create an account on Gravatar and upload an image, that image will appear on any site that uses Gravatar on which you have registered with the email address you registered on Gravatar.  Sign up on Gravatar here.

How can I help?

  • Register here to show your support!  We will not share your contact information.
  • Contact your local GOP organization and your Republican legislators and voice your support.
  • Sign this petition.
  • Check this site often.  This list may grow in the future.

Did the webmaster miss something important?

Send him a message!  Click here.