Parliamentarian Challenges NCGOP April 30 Meeting

Executive Committee Members of the NCGOP

Dorothea Scott Alderfer
Senior Parliamentary Advisor
Buncombe County GOP

Called meeting of the NCGOP Executive Committee
April 30, 2016  10 A.M.  Raleigh, NC

DATE:         April 16, 2016

I question the validity of this meeting for the following reasons:

1.     The Chairman against whom charges have been made cannot be present to defend himself as he will be out of the country.  Prior notice of this out-of-the country commitment was given by the Chairman January, 2016.

2.  Prior notice of this meeting to Chairman Harnett by registered mail has not been received in a timely manner as is required.

I question the proposed Agenda.

I can find nowhere in the NCOP Plan of Organization where the Executive Committee has the authority to either appoint or elect the NCGOP Party Chairman.

Therefore, I recommend that this meeting be cancelled.

A former broadcaster, Dorothea Scott Alderfer has owned and managed radio stations in North and South Carolina. Dorothea has served as Parliamentarian to nine Buncombe County GOP chairmen, District Convention Parliamentarian several times, Delegate to National GOP Convention in San Diego, CA, Precinct Chair, Precinct Judge, Area Coordinator, and BCGOP Treasurer for 4 years.

Texts Put Doubt on NCGOP Star Witness

By Paul Yeager

Ken Robol is a major figure in the effort to depose Hasan Harnett as NCGOP Chairman.  According to his “sworn statement”, Chairman Harnett tried to get Robol to hack into NCGOP servers.

As the texts below show, after giving his “sworn statement”, Mr. Robol expressed a desire to get the truth out.  If his “sworn statement” is the truth, what remains to be shared?  Does telling the truth require a lawyer?

Another question:  why is Dallas Woodhouse so concerned that Todd Bennett is texting with Ken Robol?

Below are screenshots provided by Todd Bennett, detailing text messages between Todd and Ken Robol, and between Todd and Dallas Woodhouse.















Our apologies for the uneven quality of the screenshots. – Editor

Another NC Republican Speaks Out

By Jessica Hult

Dear Everyone,

I am a delegate from Carteret County and have been fairly active for nearly 10 years now. I do consider myself a “grassroots” activist and have a record of consistency. Whether you agree with the causes I stand for or not, my Christian constitutional conservative stands are consistent. I can often be seen accompanied by uniformed Boy Scouts at various events & conventions. I am passionate about educating our young folk about Citizenship and being Conservative.

I have watched this very public character assassination of our current GOP Chairman Hasan Harnett with heartbreak and disgust. And to think- it all comes down to the affidavit of one highly suspect & admitted hacker.

My own experiences with Mr. Ken Robol: I first met Ken Robol over 3 years ago at a 3rd CD excom meeting (I’m not a member, but I try to attend when possible). In April 2013, Ken approached me about our family business website. Ken was forceful, pushy and came across very much as a “used car salesman”. In fact, Ken Robol mentioned having a very large workforce in the form of students at PCC. My husband politely declined to do any business with him. Would you all like me to sign an affidavit of my experiences with Mr. Robol? I’d be happy to. It is because of my own experiences with Ken that I attended the protest at Pitt Community College and signed a letter asking for an investigation by PCC earlier this month.

I’ve remained mostly silent on this matter, even after receiving third hand a hateful letter written by Harvey West in which he calls me out by name as being a “confederate” without the courtesy of cc’ing me in the mass email. But no longer. Confederates fought for state’s rights & smaller federal government. I am proud to be listed with the “confederate” grassroots patriots of NC.

Republicans For Ethics and Transparency has revealed Ken Robol’s desire for the TRUTH to be known. Attached below my signature are copies of the IM’s between Ken Robol and RFET Todd Bennett. Please see for yourselves. These show, at the very least, Mr. Robol’s SWORN affidavit is not completely truthful.

The Central Committee needs to re-evaluate their position on Chairman Harnett, I believe that much is obvious from both the texts below my signature and the vast amount of information available at a variety of online resources, including but not limited to

Our priority ought to be winning elections this coming November, not eating our own.

Moving forward with principle and integrity will not be easy. I am strongly encouraging an independent external investigation to uncover the truth, no matter how ugly, behind all this. Moving forward with integrity & principle may require the resignation of those actively involved in the acquisition of Mr. Robol’s sworn affidavit. Moving forward with integrity and principle will also require public apologies from both sides and a loud commitment to work together through the remainder of Chairman Harnett’s rightfully elected term. Please. For the love of NC and all that is good & decent, let’s show the state and the country that the NC GOP can act with grace, dignity, and integrity.

I look forward to seeing you all in May. Thank you for this moment of your precious time.

Jessica wasn’t finished, and had more to say:

Howdy again to you all. I’m hoping this finds each of you doing well. I do not wish anyone any ill will here. I have heard back from several of ya’ll since my previous correspondence and it’s interesting that there is indeed a couple of common themes in ya’ll problem with Chairman Hasan Harnett. And since they were common, I thought I’d go ahead and address them so it is clear to everybody. I’ve read the 4 emails Mr. Vidales forwarded me btw. Please allow me to set the stage:

The moment Hasan Harnett was elected rumors were spread that party big-wigs were on their phones calling donors & directing them to send donations to (some newly formed) PACS. Whether those rumors are true or not, I do not know. What I do know is that it -the rumors- set the stage for mistrust on day one. What has happened here is the appearance of those in power positions (NC GOP Central Committee and others of course) trying to set Hasan up for failure.

I understand Hasan ran for a position & ya’ll fully expected him to take the reins & run with it. But I’d like to ask each of you– where were you the very first time you thought Hasan might need a hand? Since that first night when Hasan was elected, how many of ya’ll have stepped forward & reached out to Hasan as a friend? How many of you have invited him out to lunch or dinner & offered friendship and trust? I’m asking in genuine curiosity, not snarkiness. In Boy Scouts we implement the EDGE training system. Educate, Demonstrate, Guide, and Enable. How many of ya’ll offered to guide him in a friendly sorta way? I’m asking cuz clearly ya’ll were not happy with his performance. Knowing about the rumors & being set up to fail, what the heck do ya’ll expect from Hasan?

Then for the CC to deliberately raise convention fees – after knowing well Hasan ran on the promise to do the exact opposite, well. It seems from keeping up with things from waaay over here on the coast, that ya’ll have been trying desperately to keep Hasan Harnett from being any sort of success. To be actively worked against since day one, is how it appears from here. Put yourself in Hasan’s shoes.

Now regarding the race issue. I have two things to say– It’s BEYOND shameful that the NC GOP CC despises their grassroots factions so dadgum much that they will completely blow the beautiful opportunity for minority outreach that Hasan, by gift of God, so naturally provides.

Number two- If anyone, including Hasan Harnett, is at all familiar AND honest about this history between the NC GOP & the late Timothy Johnson, they might understand just a little bit about why Hasan might have originally in the beginning thought this might have been about ethnicity. One sentence. And you’re gonna hang him? Again, that is how it would appear from waaay over here.

Ethical behavior, grace and dignity are foreign concepts it would seem. And before anyone responds otherwise– it was not us (Hasan supporters) that posted Mr. Rufty’s fictitious police records on some *anonymous* politico website. Which one of you didn’t do something stupid when you were a youth anyways? Casting stones is what it’s called.

We (Hasan supporters) could have easily brought forth Harvey West’s well known public record. Come to think of it– All you really have on Hasan Harnett is the VERY suspect word of an admitted hacker and a convicted child molester. That and a few seemingly personal grudges. Way to go ya’ll.

To continue with this April 30th CC meeting would be highly unethical. Eat yer own (while he’s out of town of course). The reasons behind this travesty are nasty & far bigger than most realize. Truth and Justice will prevail. However, we will lose this November as a DIRECT RESULT of the NC-GOP Central Committee continuing down this road. We will lose nearly everything at a state level due to this insistence to place your chosen Rubio/Romney/Ryan candidate in Hasan’s place at the RNC. The truth is coming out; ya’lls veneer is wearing yet thinner.

Yours in Service,

Jessie Jane Jessica Hult

Buncombe County Republican Women Resolve Support for Chairman

At their April 14 meeting, the Buncombe County Republican Women’s Club unanimously passed the following resolution:

RESOLUTION- Due Process for NCGOP Chairman

WHEREAS, Hasan Harnett was duly elected by the rank and file members of the North Carolina Republican Party at the 2015 State Convention; and

WHEREAS, Hasan Harnett continues to serve the State GOP with a special regard for the concerns and opinions of the grass roots activists of the party; and

WHEREAS, by the State GOP Plan of Organization, Hasan Harnett’s term of elected office extends until the State GOP convention of 2017; and

WHEREAS, no criminal or civil charges have preferred against Hasan Harnett for any alleged malfeasance he may have committed in his capacity as NCGOP Chairman; and

WHEREAS, certain members of the State GOP Central Committee have sought to deny Hasan Harnett access to email, party databases, office space and other resources and technology he needs to perform his duties as prescribed by the Plan of Organization; and

WHEREAS, certain members of the State GOP interpret the Plan of Organization in such manner as to construe it to give them the powers to over-ride Hasan Harnett in the routine execution of his duties; and

WHEREAS, certain members of the Central Committee have sought to usurp powers of the Executive Committee as prescribed by the Plan of Organization in controlling or disciplining Hasan Harnett in his capacity as NCGOP Chairman; now, therefore

BE IT RESOLVED by the North Carolina Republican Party that Hasan Harnett is to be sustained as the NCGOP Chairman with the full powers and authority as prescribed by the Plan of Organization until his term of elected office is completed; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the NCGOP Central Committee is directed to work collaboratively with the Chairman in a positive and productive manner, to afford the Chairman all the rights, privileges and courtesies associated with the position, and to refrain from denying him access to his email, party databases, office space, or any resources afforded the previous Chairmen, without due process and the expressed permission of the Executive Committee.

Adopted this 14th day of April, 2016

(signed by Linda Humphries, President and Beth Gurnack, Secretary )

You can see and download an image of the resolution here.

At the same meeting, the Buncombe County Republican Women’s Club also passed  are Resolution of Support of House Bill 2 and a Resolution requesting amendment to the NCGOP Plan of Organization increasing authority of party chairman and executive committee. – Editor

Haywood County Unanimously Supports Hasan Harnett

Central Committee,

Chairman Hasan Harnett should have any and everything you have stripped him of given back to him immediately.  By the stroke of a pen a very few people have stripped North Carolina’s pick of GOP Chairman his chairmanship.

I don’t believe you have the authority to take what the voters of North Carolina gave our Chairman.

The Haywood County GOP Executive Committee met last night.  The following was passed unanimously.

The Haywood County GOP Executive Committee demands that NC GOP Chairman Hasan Harnett is restored his powers and duties immediately.

Kenneth Henson

Haywood County GOP Chairman

Yet Another NC Republican Speaks Out

By Sammy Dodd

Central Committee Members,

My name is Sammy Dodd. I am a Precinct Chairman of HJ MacDonald Precinct in Craven County. I am a former NCGOP Executive Committee Member, and 2012 National Delegate. I am writing you today concerning an email communication I received from Republicans for Ethics and Transparency. This group held a protest at Pitt Community College delivering an open records request to the College’s leadership. In response, Mr. Ken Robol contacted Todd Bennett, leader of RFET via text message. In that communication, Mr. Robol makes his wishes known to be off the train and his desire to get Mr. Bennett, and RFET the truth. The screenshots of the conversation were in the email communication I received last night.

At very least this shows the SWORN Affidavit Mr. Robol signed is not fully accurate. Half truths at best. I am afraid that many of you who voted in your emergency meeting on March 20th, voted on the censure of Chairman Harnett, and Daniel Rufty made your decisions based upon this affidavit.

This situation has not only tarnished the reputation of a good Christian man, this has tarnished the reputation of Republicans in North Carolina as a whole. Unfortunately, our candidates may be the ones who pay the ultimate price over this whole spat.

Information shared with me suggests that Mr. Robol could have been coerced by individuals on the Central Committee, and other Republicans close to the 3rd District into giving this false affidavit. It is a shame to tarnish a man’s reputation by putting on him what appears to be a felony. Now Mr. Robol may be affected as well as it looks like he could be charged with at least two felonies.

Something needs to be done NOW to stop this madness. I have no desire to see anyone go to jail, but I would like to see accountability. Both Chairman Harnett, and the Central Committee need to put a stop to this. Both sides need to release a public apology, move on, and work to salvage our November Elections.

Those who voted in favor of Censuring Chairman Harnett, and Daniel Rufty based upon this affidavit that were not directly involved in this setup need to come forward and distance themselves from this mess.

Censures need to be removed from Chairman Harnett and Daniel Rufty and immediately have all the duties and privileges of their offices restored. Resignations or removal need to happen of those who have shown direct involvement, so far based on documentation already publicly seen, it appears, Joyce Cotten, Kim West, her husband, Scott Cumbie and legal council Stark need to resign or be removed. I pray no more individuals are involved.

We need to put a stop to this, hold those accountable who initiated this mess, and move forward as a party. I hope and pray we can get it together now, rather than later.


Sammy Dodd

Sammy Dodd is a Constitutional Conservative Activist who currently serves as Precinct Chairman and Craven County GOP Executive Committee member. Sammy has served in the past on the District 1 GOP Executive Committee, on the NCGOP Executive Committee, and as a delegate to the Republican National Convention in Tampa in 2012. He resides in New Bern with his wife.

Does NCGOP Central Committee Care About Fairness or Rules?

By Paul Yeager

A petition has been circulating calling for a NCGOP Executive Committee meeting on April 30th for the purpose of removing Hasan Harnett, the duly elected Chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party.

We at have no idea what sort of reception this petition has received, but we urge those being asked to sign it to consider carefully in light of NCGOP rules and available evidence.

First, let us consider what the 2015 Plan of Organization says about removing a member from office.  Taking it one step at a time…

Paragrapgh VI.C.5.b states on page 21:

b. Procedure for removal of any Member or Officer is defined in Article VII A.7 The decision of the State Executive Committee shall be final.

Section VII.A.7 states on page 24:

7. Vacancies and Removals
a. Any Member of a Committee organized under this Plan may be removed either:
1. By a 2/3’s vote of the respective Committee after being furnished with notice of the charges against him, signed by the lesser of (i) 50 Members or (i) one-third of the Members of the respective Committee. Any Republican against whom charges are brought shall be furnished with 2 weeks notice of said charges and be given an opportunity to present a defense. Removal by a vote of the respective Committee shall be confined to gross inefficiency, Party disloyalty (as defined herein) or failure to comply with the County, District, or State Party Plans of Organization.
2. Automatically upon such Member’s conviction (as defined below) of a felony after election to such Committee organized under this Plan without the need for any further action immediately effective upon such conviction, and the seat declared vacant. Each Member shall have the affirmative duty to inform the Chairman of such Committee in writing immediately upon his conviction of a felony; provided that the failure of a Member to so notify the Chairman in writing shall not delay, prevent or restrict the expulsion of such Member from such Committee in accordance with this Section.
a. For the purposes hereof, a “conviction” shall be defined as the conviction of or the entering of a guilty plea, an alford plea, or a plea of no contest to a felony.
b. For the purposes of this Plan of Organization, “Party Disloyalty” shall be defined as actively supporting a candidate of another Party or independent candidate running in opposition to a candidate of the Republican Party or a Republican endorsed by the appropriate Executive Committee in a non-partisan election.

As there has been no felony conviction, and no allegation of “Party Disloyalty” as defined above, we must assume that an effort to remove the Chairman from office would have to proceed under the terms of paragraph a.1 above.  Most relevant to this discussion is the following portion thereof:

Any Republican against whom charges are brought shall be furnished with 2 weeks notice of said charges and be given an opportunity to present a defense.

So, as long as notice of the meeting to hear the charges is postmarked by April 15, it would be valid, right?

Probably not.

The citation above says “and be given an opportunity to present a defense”.  How can someone have the opportunity to present a defense when a meeting is called for a time when they are known to be out of the country?

Skeptics among us might be forgiven for thinking: “Out of the country?  How convenient!”.  However, this is not something that was dreamed up on the spur of the moment to evade a hearing in front of the Executive Committee.  The Chairman made it known to NCGOP staff that he would be out of the country on that date via email back in January:

From: Hasan Harnett
Date: Wed, Jan 27, 2016, at 9:22 AM
Subject: Chairman – Upcoming Calendar Events
To: Scheduling
Upcoming Calendar Events
·  2/20* Johnston County Reagan Dinner (Lt. Gov),  Johnston County Agriculture Center, 2736 NC 210 Hwy., Smithfield, NC at 5:30 pm
·  2/25* Durham GOP Lincoln-Douglass Event
·  3/4* 2nd Annual TARS Fundraiser, Embassy Suites Hotel, 460 N. Cherry St., Winston-Salem, NC 27101 7-9:30 pm

·  4/23 – 5/1 I’m traveling out of the country (Confirmed)

*I have not confirmed anything with the venue(s) – please advise
So, while it is still possible for a meeting on April 30th to be called with sufficent notice, it is not possible and never was possible for the Chairman to be present at such a meeting to present a defense as specified in the Plan of Organization as cited above.


But as they say on TV, wait, there’s more.


Paragraph VII.7.a.1 cited above also says:
Removal by a vote of the respective Committee shall be confined to gross inefficiency, Party disloyalty (as defined herein) or failure to comply with the County, District, or State Party Plans of Organization.

Which sets forth a set of offenses for which a member of a committee can be removed.  In the citation above, we see three possible causes for removal:

1. Gross inefficiency.  While inefficiency has been alleged, it is hard to tell whether or not it qualifies as “gross inefficiency”.  If a duplicate mailing qualifies as “gross inefficiency”, then what is it called when the General Counsel spends NCGOP funds to send a mailing critical of the Chairman?

2. Party Disloyalty.  This is clearly defined in the citation above, and all that need be said here is that no such thing has even been alleged.

3. Failure to comply with the County, District, or State Party Plans of Organization.  While there may or may not be a supportable charge on this ground, one might want to use caution here.  On this ground at least a dozen Central Committee members are likely also subject to removal.  What’s good for the goose…

We have watched while the list of charges against the Chairman has gotten smaller and smaller.  Oddly, the remaining charges to  which the Chairman’s opponents cling are hacking or attempting to get someone to hack NCGOP computer systems, and opening an Evenbrite account using his official NCGOP email address.

The first charge is based on extremely thin evidence – the statement of one person – a statement that few have been privileged to see.

The second charge is too petty to warrant further comment.

Is it not time for the Chairman’s opponents to apologize, sheath their swords, and return to the business of getting good Republicans elected to office across North Carolina and in Washington?

I think so.



After 30 years developing software in diverse fields from avionics to materials handling to medical device manufacturing to web sites, Paul Yeager runs a small diversified technology consulting firm in Waynesville.

Paul also serves as a Precinct Chairman in Haywood County, and as Editor and Publisher of



Another NC Republican Blasts Central Committee

By Daniel Rufty, NCGOP 12th District Chairman

Dear Fellow Republican,

For the past couple of weeks, I have tried my best to ignore the attacks against me and my character. I have ignored dozens of media interview requests in an effort to minimize the damage to our Party. I have been bombarded by Tom Stark and other Central Committee members, and I cannot sit back and ignore it any longer.

I got into politics here in North Carolina immediately after I was medically retired from the U.S. Army in 2009. I served four honorable years, and I loved every minute of it. The Army instilled core values into me: honor, integrity, loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, and personal courage. These are the values that I rely on when life gets tough. My plans were to make a career in the Army, but after serving four years, my career was interrupted by an injury that I received while on duty.

When I joined the Army, I took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United State of America. I take that oath very seriously. I got involved in politics because I saw our God given rights being eroded by our over reaching Federal Government. I could not sit back and watch my country be destroyed. I had to do something.

Shortly after beginning my involvement in the North Carolina Republican Party, I was elected as the 12th District Chairman. I am now serving my second term. I love this Party, and love serving the people in it. I wish we could all be adults, and move past this garbage that is destroying our Party.

Tom Stark and the Central Committee are dead set on destroying anyone in their way. Hasan Harnett is one of the most honest and humble men I know. I hate seeing such a good man being destroyed by people in his own party. It is despicable.

What evidence do they have against Chairman Harnett?

They have a statement from an admitted hacker. It is ludicrous to paint this hacker as a hero as Tom Stark has tried to do. Tom Stark said that Ken Robol’s statements were “honorable.” There is nothing honorable about soliciting the hacking of our NC GOP website, and trying to set up our State Chairman. I served my Country next to some of the greatest men that ever stepped foot on this earth. I know a hero when I see one, and Ken Robol is far from it.

Ken Robol contacted Michele Nix, Chairman Harnett and I soliciting the hacking of the NC GOP website. Attached are the screenshots of all three of our conversations with Robol. Vice-Chairwoman Nix, Chairman Harnett, nor I ever ordered Ken Robol to hack into the website. These claims by Ken Robol and Tom Stark are bald faced lies.

I cannot think of a more discredited witness than an admitted hacker. Hacking into a website is illegal, no matter what the purpose is. No reasonable person in their right mind would believe Robol’s statement.
Tom Stark and the Central Committee are basing their entire witch hunt against Chairman Harnett on a hacker’s statement. That is ridiculous. Ask yourself, would someone that fully intended on hacking into a website, and in fact solicited the hacking of the website, run immediately to Tom Stark General Counsel to make a statement? You would be a fool to believe that story.

I say put up or shut up. If Chairman Harnett did something illegal, then call the F.B.I. If not, then shut up. This witch hunt is destroying our chances of winning the Presidency, and the Governorship.

Tom Stark is our General Counsel. The NC GOP General Counsel should be a person of the utmost character and professionalism. The General Counsel should be objective in their analysis of internal issues, and base his opinion on facts. Tom Stark’s public statement against Chairman Harnett lacks any factual basis, and is full of name calling and speculation. Calling other Republican “confederates” is very disrespectful and unprofessional. His public attacks against our Republican leader are unbecoming of the office he holds.

Many of you received a letter in the mail from Tom Stark paid for by the North Carolina Republican Party. This is an egregious way of using our Party funds. I have donated thousands of dollars to the Party, and to think my money has been used to further this infighting is outrageous. Our money should be going to help get Republicans elected, not further one’s agenda on kicking a fellow Republican leader out of our Party.

I was censured on March 20th along with Chairman Harnett. I wear that as a badge of honor. I am ashamed to be a part of such a dishonest group of people. They lie, cheat, and twist the plan of organization to fit their agenda. What they are doing to our Chairman is despicable.

Still to this day, I have not been told why I was censured. My remarks were short in the Central Committee meeting. I called the Central Committee meeting on March 20th out of order at the beginning of the meeting because they failed to properly notify all Central Committee members with the required 10 day notice. Tom Stark proceeded to do a verbal gymnastic routine around our Plan of Organization to call the meeting notice in order. I have contacted two certified parliamentarians, and they both agree that the notice requirement were not adhered to properly.

Robert Rules of Order 11th Edition:
“If improper conduct by a member of a society occurs elsewhere than at a meeting, the members generally have no first-hand knowledge of the case. Therefore, if disciplinary action is to be taken, charges must be preferred and a formal trial held before the assembly of the society…” Pg. 649

‘Formal Notification Of The Officer Or Member:
Secretary immediately sends to the accused, by a method providing confirmation of delivery to his address (such as registered mail with delivery confirmation), a letter notifying him of the date, hour, and place of the trial containing an exact copy of the charge(s) and specifications with the date of their adoption, and directing him to appear as cited-even if the accused officer or member was present when the resolutions were adopted.’ Pg. 663

Neither Chairman Harnett nor I were ever formally notified of the trial the Central Committee was going to carry out against us. Robert Rules of Order states that the accused in a disciplinary trial must be duly notified and that there be a fair hearing. Neither of these occurred making the censures invalid. In America we believe in due process. We believe that the accused should have a chance to plead their case. What the Central Committee did was unAmerican. Accusing a man of something in his absence is cowardly.

The establishment wants to kick out all grassroots Republicans from our party. That is the real reason why they set the $90 delegate fee. They want control and power, and the less people involved in our party the easier it is to control.

I will continue to stand with our Chairman, and fight for what is right. They can continue to trash my good name, but it is not going to scare me away.

God bless,

Daniel Rufty
12th District Chairman

Robol Contacts Rufty
Robol Contacts Nix
Robol Contacts Harnett








Daniel Rufty

Daniel Rufty is a US Army Veteran and small business owner.  Daniel holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance and Political Science (dual major) from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.  Daniel lives with his wife and two children in Charlotte, and holds the office of NCGOP 12th District Chairman.



Daniel Rufty isn’t the only one upset with Tom Stark and the NCGOP Central Committee. See another letter here. – Editor

A North Carolina Republican’s Letter to NCGOP Central Committee

By Raynor James


Dear Members of the NC GOP Central Committee:


This is an “open letter” as I shall send copies of it to other people whom I have reason to believe will be interested.


Please, stop attacking our Chairman, Hasan Harnett.


Please, stop hiding your actions by having your members sign nondisclosure agreements at your meetings.


Please, stop your efforts to circumvent the will of NC Republicans.


Your behavior is proving very damaging to our Party. As a matter of fact, it is sabotaging our very purpose for existing. You have succeeded in focusing attention on your misdeeds at a time when you should be building human infrastructure in precincts all across our state which is capable of focusing attention on our good candidates and our marvelous platform before the November elections. Shame on you.


I have read Hasan Harnett’s responses to your charges (including his email of 4-6-16) as well as the supporting documentation he included, and I believe his version of what happened. His statements are calm, measured, and logical. The supporting materials (screen shots of communications between him and Ken Robol, for example) are strongly persuasive.


We have a Party Chairman who is well spoken, logical, charming, likeable, kind, and an excellent ambassador for us. It is harmful to our Party that you are not supporting him.


Now, let us consider those nondisclosure agreements. You have used them to hide your work from the NC GOP Executive Committee. This is a practice which is entirely inappropriate. By this method, you have created a climate of distrust and further damaged our Party.


Your efforts to circumvent the will of the body are legion. Hasan Harnett was elected Chairman at the 2015 NC GOP Convention by a majority of delegates attending. He was the choice of the people of the NC GOP. That was not good enough for you. You immediately began a campaign of opposition. Your vocal opposition is harmful to our Party.


Currently, you are trying to circumvent the decision of the Resolutions Committee about what resolutions to hear, which version to hear, and in what order the resolutions are to be presented at the upcoming NC GOP Convention. I suggest that if you do not allow the resolutions to be handled EXACTLY in accordance with the Resolutions Committee’s report, you will do additional damage to our Party.


Also currently, the Convention Rules Committee is proposing a rule which would require a two-thirds majority of delegate votes in order to pass a resolution at the upcoming NC GOP Convention. In the past, only a simple majority has been needed in order to pass a resolution. I suspect you have stacked the Rules Committee in an attempt to control the fate of the proposed resolutions at the Convention. There are very few things for which the NC GOP Plan of Organization requires a super-majority; this is not one of them. Please, stop finagling the rules in an attempt to get your way. If delegates in attendance believe they have been circumvented, it will be harmful to our Party.


Through these and other maneuvers to avoid the will of the body, you are tearing the very fabric of the NC GOP apart. Please, cease and desist at once.
Very truly yours,

Raynor James




Raynor James, CFP is a Past President of the Washington DC Chapter of the International Association of Financial Planners and has written a regular column on financial planning for the Business Review of Washington.  Raynor has worked as a Commercial Real Estate Broker in the Washington DC Metro area.

Raynor is a past Chairman and current Legislative Action Committee Chair of the Coastal Carolina Taxpayers Association, and serves as Member At Large from the 3rd District to the NCGOP Executive Committee.

Raynor’s husband Brigadier General Hal James, US Army (retired) served on active duty and in the Army National Guard for 40 years.  He holds a Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Virginia.  Hal currently serves as Craven County GOP Finance Chair, Vice Chair for Legislative and Political Action in District 3, and is a Member At Large of the NCGOP Executive Committee. General James also serves as Watchdog Committee Chair for the Coastal Carolina Taxpayers Association.

Raynor James isn’t the only one disappointed in the actions of Tom Stark and the NCGOP Central Committee.  See another letter here. – Editor