EXPLOSIVE! Audio of Chairman Harnett’s Phone Conversation with Computer Plumber

We have been told many times that NCGOP Chairman Hasan Harnett’s email account had to be disabled because of some nebulous “security threat”.

NC4Hasan.com has cast significant doubt on that claim in this article.  When we did so, we promised there would be more to come.  Here is what may be only the first installment of additional information on that topic.

Note:  This article contains links to recorded audio.  We have edited these – one to remove from the recording time the Chairman spent on hold, and another that represents a key moment in the conversation.  No further editing, such as to change the actual content or meaning of the recordings was done.  A copy of the recording as we received it has been linked to at the end of the article.

On March 9, when the Chairman discovered that he could not access his email he placed a phone call to Computer Plumber, the firm that manages NCGOP’s email.  The Chairman spoke to Linda, who answered the phone.

The Chairman inquired as to why his email account was not available. After waiting on hold, he was told this:

The Chairman was told:

We would need you to call Greg (Greg Fornshell, NCGOP Staff Accountant) and talk to Greg about that, because he had us suspend your account yesterday.

When the Chairman asked Linda if she knew the reason that the account was disabled, she replied:

I don’t. We only do what he says, so you would need to uh, if he will contact us and tell us, we will, you know we’ll do whatever he says.  Just following instructions.

Hmmm… seems to me that if there was some sort of security threat, Linda might have known about that.  Furthermore, had the account been disabled due a security threat, it is more likely that it would have been done by the firm that manages IT resources for NCGOP, rather than by the staff accountant.

Here is the entire conversation, edited only to save you from having to endure too much of the music on hold.

Please note that we do not intend to in any way malign Linda or anyone else at Computer Plumber.  We’re sure they didn’t ask to become part of this drama.

Edit: We also have no intent to impugn the character of Greg Fornshell, NCGOP Staff Accountant.  As an employee of NCGOP, we suspect he was just doing as he was told.

For those who want every last second of the recording, here it is:



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