Texts: NCGOP’s Woodhouse, Steward appear to be driving anti-Harnett effort

(from The Daily Haymaker)
It appears that several members of the NCGOP Central Committee and various other muckety-mucks got together for a group text session:


The content of the text screenshots we received indicate that executive director Dallas Woodhouse is much more than an innocent bystander in the whole effort to fire party chairman Hasan Harnett:


I did too.  It’s pretty accurate.  It looks like Dallas’s co-conspirator, 9th district GOP chairman John Steward, is being manhandled by auto-correct.  “Dance” — I am going to wager — should be “Dallas.” “State” — I think — should be “date”.  Or perhaps Steward could be functionally illiterate.  (I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.) 


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