NCGOP District 1 Chairman Resigns

NCGOP District 1 Chairman Garry Terry has resigned.

His letter of resignation cites as reasons “a completely unqualified person attempt to lead the state party as chairman” and “vice chairman who cannot control her anger.”

We do not wish to further embarrass Mr. Terry by posting his entire letter of resignation, which it would certainly do.  Things went rather downhill from the quotes cited above.

However, we are proud to present the Vice Chairwoman’s statement acknowledging Mr. Terry’s resignation.

Statement on the Resignation of District 1 Chairman Gerry Terry
Michele Nix, Vice Chairwoman

In the absence of Chairman Harnett and with a heavy heart, this morning, I received the resignation of District 1 Chairman and Central Committee member Gerry Terry. His email is attached and has been forwarded to the NCGOP General Counsel’s office for dissemination.

I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Terry for the past year and while we have had our disagreements, I have found him to be a man of principle. His service to the GOP and to our state has not gone unnoticed and I greatly appreciate all he has done for the NCGOP and District 1.

Unfortunately, we are at a time where tensions are running high within the GOP. I am continually working quietly in the background to find a resolution to the issues currently plaguing the NCGOP that could undermine what should be a stellar 2016 election for the Republican Party. I can understand the stress Mr. Terry and other members of the Central Committee are currently under and continue to urge them to find an amicable resolution so we can all begin working together to defeat Democrats this Fall.

Despite the stream of negative comments directed at me, I am not seeking Chairman Harnett’s job and continue to urge caution and patience in all matters regarding the NCGOP. My primary goal is to spread the great news about Republican solutions and candidates in North Carolina.

In 2013, Governor McCrory inherited from the Democrats a state government plagued with the fifth highest unemployment in the nation. Since taking office, Governor McCrory and our Republican-led General Assembly have presided over an economic engine in North Carolina. Our state has added 260,000 new jobs, and is now 6th in the nation for most jobs created. Governor McCrory and our fellow Republicans have lowered taxes, improved educational choice, provided teachers with better pay, cut tons of government waste, cut job killing regulations, and they continue to strengthen North Carolina families.

As Vice Chairman of the NCGOP, I am proud to carry our conservative message across the state and I look forward to working with all of our Republican candidates to get elected and re-elected in November. Let’s get back to work spreading the good news of the Republican Party!

The above was written by a person with class.  Someone I am proud to call a fellow Republican.

Edit:  We now hear that Mr. Terry wants to rescind his resignation.  Decorum restrains us from sharing our opinion of that.

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